Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's the End of the World ... and I feel fine.

Yesterday was the start of the End of the World. You may not know it, but millions of people will now be dying as the end times are upon us. Last night, at 6pm, the Rapture occurred and thousands of people disappeared in to heaven. Or so goes the prediction of Harold Camping, the latest doomsday soothsayer, who predicted that the end times would start with the Rapture on May 21st and the tribulation would continue until October 21st.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Is this why our churches are so empty ?

Post by Graham

I read a survey in a newspaper recently which had as its theme the falling attendances at church over the years.One of the explanations given was the greater life expectancy for us all these days. The article went on to say that those in the first flush of youth and even those in their fifties and sixties were loath to attend church until such time that they felt perhaps that their end was in sight and it was time to make peace with their God. Such people were clearly concerned about the after-life and missing out on the glories in heaven. It was for this reason it was pointed out that most churches these days are frequented by the grey-haired brigade and that, unless a church was particularly lively and geared towards the younger generation, it would find few younger members in its ranks.