Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lighting up my life

Post by Graham

What light`s up my life ?

Firstly my family. It brings me great joy to see my two sons who are as different as chalk and cheese and who fought like cat and dog when they were young, get on so well together in later years.They keep in regular touch with each other and even share secrets to which I am not privy.What a delight it is for me to see them together, enjoying each other`s company.
Secondly, the laughter and exuberance of children;their naturalness,friendliness and openness to new ideas. My work with them in the local primary school is invigorating and enlivening. They are keeping me young !

Thirdly, unexpected acts of kindness from strangers. It happens more often than you think. It is not a rare occasion to find yourself in a spot of bother and discover someone completely unknown comes to your aid.

Fourthly, stories of self-sacrifice of aid workers, carers and the like. It amazes me that such people have so little regard for self and that their whole life`s mission is to be there for others. They are an example to us all !

Finally, something as simple as a lovely smile, once again often from an unexpected source. There are too many people with long faces nowadays, and to receive a beautiful smile, particularly from a stranger in the street, is a real blessing.

To sum up:what gives me real pleasure is anything that reveals the divine in us humans. It is there in abundance if we look for it.

Note: This blog also appears in the December 2010 edition of MU Now, the magazine of the Midland Unitarian Association.


  1. Just the uplifting and joyful message I needed to hear this morning. Many thanks. We are surrounded by blessings.

  2. Not only us humans Graham, what about the amazing scenes produced by the recent hoar frost and the fantastic sunsets of late !!
    What a suberb free show for all would take the time to stand and stare. The Divine as revealed in nature.

  3. Thank you, Joseph,for your kind comments and I couldn't agree more with Free Spirit. The world of nature has provided us with some glorious sights of late.- Graham

  4. Well Done Graham and Free Spirit ! - you have unveiled the great secret of why we are here !!

    God the Omnipotent is really the Divine Egotist !
    He needed someone to drool over his fantastic creation. Otherwise what's the point ?

    We are the answer !! - his admiring audience !

  5. Thanks, Cynic, for your comments (cynical, yes, but perhaps containing a grain of truth). Let me say I don't always 'drool over God's fantastic creation'. I worry about erupting volcanoes, tsunamis, floods and other natural disasters at times. I drool when I can, but I am not oblivious to the horrors that can be wreaked by the natural world. So we are not always 'God's admiring audience'.- Graham

  6. A joyous post Graham. Couldn`t agree more. Many thanks

  7. Ah yes Graham, but don't forget that God is omnipotent.

    He wants us to be scared as well as adoring - to make sure that we know who is Boss !!

  8. Another valid point, Cynic, but I suppose your thesis rests on the premise that God is this mighty person who is very much in charge. Being a Unitarian and, therefore, not having to adhere to the accepted Christian view, I have my doubts anyway about that one. Don't ask me who or what I think God is- I'm not sure!- Graham

  9. So God is not omnipotent then Graham Anonymous?

    Perhaps God is Love - in which case He's off the hook ! - Merry Christmas !!

  10. Yes, Cynic, so let's leave him off the hook especially at this holy time. And 'Merry Christmas to you too!- Graham (not really Anonymous)

  11. Many thanks to everyone for their contributions to this theme.

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