Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring, Fayre, and `Eat a Unitarian`.

Post by Ash
What a great way to spend the weekend - first the New Meeting House `Summer Fayre` on Saturday in aid of the `Maggs Centre for the Homeless` followed by a great Sunday Service and then our `Eat A Unitarian` shindig.

THE SUMMER FAYREFront of house setting up; a hopeful bucket is waggled.
The Vice-President contemplates an energetic day.
As does Dennis-dancing at the front of house to attract the custom.
The crowds flock in...400 + trampled our drive throughout the course of the day, in the beautiful April sunshine.

They drove a hard bargain....

Some just looked....

Some more also looked....

And some, bless them, also bought.

The `Chat-Cafe Team` of Bronwen and Elaine pull `dissenting``s tough in the kitchen !

Was the bucket filling ?

Our wonderful street organ team...the best in Britain !!

Prince William has invited them.....

But this little girl just wanted to dance.

And so did Ian. If only we could sell that `modern` telly......

The Book Sellers of Kabul.

A lull in proceedings, but the bucket was half-full by the end of the day!


And then, next day, post-service and pre-lunch....a bit of a natter.

Chris majorly fails to avoid the photograph.

Two distinguished men with their Fair Trade coffee.

This pair tried hiding at the back.

Graham and Pete take evasive action; is that a fight going on nearby...


Oh, then this lot make it to the ancient pub , hoping for an early tipple .

And the same lot, looking sideways.......`do we look better from the right ? `

A straggler shuffles in.

It was this big !

Food time.

Guests examine the `Order Of Service`.

But the sensible money gets tucked right in !

This was a very successful weekend. A total of £350 was raised towards our annual collection for `The Maggs Centre For The Homeless`, and many people visited the church for the first time. The service and meal the following day were very enjoyable, and a great time was had by all.

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  1. A truly great weekend thanks to the efforts of so many people! It makes you proud to belong to such a supportive group. And what about the bloke who supplied the amusing captions to the photos? He played a rather large part as well- Graham